Mad-MPI: An Efficient Implementation of MPI for Fast Networks - Performances


LaBRI, INRIA Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest

High Performance Runtime Systems for Parallel Architectures

NetPIPE Benchmarks

NetPIPE is a protocol independent performance tool that visually represents the network performance under a variety of conditions. It performs simple ping-pong tests, bouncing messages of increasing size between two processes, whether across a network or within an SMP system. Message sizes are chosen at regular intervals, and with slight perturbations, to provide a complete test of the communication system. Each data point involves many ping-pong tests to provide an accurate timing. Latencies are calculated by dividing the round trip time in half for small messages ( < 64 Bytes ).

NetPIPE can be downloaded at


Full results can be downloaded here. The latency is 2.96 usec and the maximum bandwidth is 9376.02 Mbps. Tests have been run on Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) boxes with Myrinet MX-10g.